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Modern Design Meets Flexible Illumination

Embrace the essence of modern design with the KONNECT Pendant, a lighting solution that's both beautiful and functional. Inspired by clean lines and minimalist aesthetics, the KONNECT is crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring lasting style and durability.

The KONNECT allows you to tailor the illumination to your specific needs, whether you're creating a focused task light or a warm, ambient glow. Furthermore, the KONNECT utilizes high-quality integrated LEDs with a remarkable CRI of 98, rendering colors with exceptional accuracy. Choose from two linear setups or a vertical option, each available in two sleek colorways to seamlessly complement your décor.

The KONNECT Pendant PV4 takes flexibility a step further as it features a full dimming range (0-10V). It effortlessly adapts to different moods and activities. Plus, its innovative quick-release jack allows you to swiftly adjust the light direction upwards or downwards, ensuring you have the perfect light for every moment.

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