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Slim Silhouette, Big on Comfort

Meet the Amor-30, the chic and streamlined younger sibling to the beloved Amor-35 sofa. This beauty offers all the comfort and design excellence of its predecessor, with a space-saving twist.

The Amor-30 boasts a shallower depth, making it ideal for apartments or living areas where maximizing square footage is key. But the magic doesn't stop there.  This series introduces stunning curved, armless components. Dream of a conversation-starting, "wave-like" configuration? The Amor-30 lets you create it!

Inspired by mid-century modern style, the Amor-30 features a unique rolled back with a tight fit, adding a touch of timeless elegance. The strong, yet minimalist, metallic grey steel legs complete the look, proving that support doesn't require bulkiness.

Choose from a variety of sofa and sectional configurations, all customizable with your choice of removable fabric or luxurious leather upholstery. The Amor-30: where style meets space-saving functionality, making it the perfect addition to your modern living space.

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