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NEXUS Seattle Brand New Homes

Camerich Seattle is delighted to be a part of the NEXUS Seattle project! Intelligent design epitomizes the brand new hi-rise construction situated in the heart of Seattle downtown’s Denny Triangle. Bring tasteful, clean design to one of Seattle’s freshest projects, Camerich’s understated modern elegance fairs well with NEXUS’ classic vibes.

In this project, Camerich features numerous gorgeous pieces: the Embrace Bed, Enzo Table, Max Cabinet, Alison Plus Bed, Wake Sofa, Leman Chair, Ballet Stool, need we say more? SEED Design’s floor lamps: SOL, Dodo, and Lalu+, as well as Table Lamps: Planet, Dobi, and Damo have all made the cut as well.

Contact us if you would like more information to any of the pieces.

Project Name: Nexus Seattle

Photo Credit: Burrard Properties

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