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A Fusion of Form & Function

The OLO lighting series, forefront of the minimalist movement, welcomes two new iterations: the OLO Table Lamp and Floor Lamp. The OLO transcend mere illumination, offering a marriage of cutting-edge design and unwavering functionality.

Their defining characteristic is the hollow, rotatable shade. This design isn't just aesthetically pleasing; it allows for dynamic light manipulation, creating a personalized ambiance for any space, and, the brilliance doesn't stop there. 

The OLO lamps offer a top-tier CRI 90 color rendering, ensuring the light is as natural and accurate as possible. Offered in a curated selection of two hues, the OLO family seamlessly integrates into any space. 

The Floor Lamp provides a sophisticated presence in living rooms, while the Table Lamp delivers a minimalist statement on desks or side tables. With their simple and sleek design, the OLO lamps bridge the gap between form and function. 

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